Functional, Preventative, Integrative Medicine, Alternative, Complimentary, Holistic, Regenerative, and Biohacking

There is an overlap with each group.

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Functional medicine includes the diagnosis and treatment of underlying causes using both alternative and Western medicine.

Preventative medicine falls within the purview of classical Western medicine, but is often overlooked.  There are tests that are available but often are not offered. These tests can catch diseases such as cancer much earlier when they are more treatable.

Integrative medicine is a combination of lifestyle adjustment and other therapies.

Alternative medicine focuses on treatments outside of the conventional Western medical therapies.

Complementary medicine includes the standard Western medicine along with alternatives such as herbs, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic, massage and Feldenkrais movement therapy.

Holistic medicine focuses on the body, mind and spirit as well as emotional well-being.

Regenerative medicine focuses on the development and application of new treatments.

Bio hacking is a do-it-yourself biology using nutrigenomics (nutrition and genetics) for human enhancements.

There is an overlap within each of these groups and there are very few purist practitioners. It is difficult for the everyday person to sort their way through the maze and emphasis should be given to quality research.

Dr. Carter became interested in these areas of medicine years ago when family members were struggling to find solutions to problems that other specialties were unable to solve. One family member has improved and the other has seen a complete remission of the more important symptoms. In his own case, he found certain habits were causing a demineralization of his skeleton. While we all have this problem to one degree or another, he changed his habits and the problem slowed. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the problem and tackled it too late.

Dr. Carter is completing the first year of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine fellowship program and will continue to research the ancillary areas for improved health.

Please note that he is not in favor of the lucrative, repetitive use of IV supplements, but for those who prefer the more expensive and invasive approach, accommodation is available.

Recent quality research showed that the brains of people consuming the Mediterranean diet appeared years younger than those consuming a standard diet.

High-quality research from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas showed that calorie restriction and intermittent fasting relegated to active hours resulted in a 30% increase in the lifespan of the mice being studied.

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