Drugs and Alcohol

Are you or a loved one having problems with Drugs or Alcohol?

Treatment for drugs and alcohol can be very difficult not only on an individual, but on the entire family. There can be significant emotional and financial problems and considerations.

In some cases, treatment for withdrawal may be completed as an outpatient or even avoided; in other cases, close monitoring is essential. Treatment in a residential facility may or may not be necessary or even advisable. We can help you navigate the alternatives and help you choose the most appropriate and often least expensive approach.

If residential treatment is warranted, it is important to choose the best fit. Example: in some cases, a larger facility is better and in other cases, a smaller facility is optimum. Some facilities are more appropriate for professionals such as doctors, lawyers and airline pilots and others are more appropriate for law enforcement. Individuals in law enforcement are often sensitive to being around people who have prior or pending legal problems. Similarly, people with past or current legal problems may be sensitive to being around law enforcement. Some facilities are more appropriate for younger people and others for older people.

Having worked at numerous local facilities and having worked with many families in the past, we have a good understanding of the local facilities. As a prior Executive Medical Director of the Texas Physicians Health Program, Dr. Carter has a good knowledge of numerous treatment programs outside of the state. In still others, detox programs may be completely avoided with an outpatient detox program which we perform. We seek to have the most effective and least financially invasive treatment program.

We do prescribe Suboxone and Sublocade and other medically assisted therapies for harm reduction and after the establishment of an appropriate physician-patient relationship, prescriptions may be available via TeleMed.

In all cases appropriate monitoring is required.

Dr. Carter,
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