Behavioral Health

Are you working with a psychologist and need someone to help prescribe and manage your medications?

While Dr. Carter is not a psychiatrist, he has practiced closely with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, PhD psychologists and other mental health professionals since 2012 in psychiatric hospitals and dual diagnosis treatment centers. Dr. Carter has prescribed and successfully and appropriately tapered many psychiatric medications.

The best medication is the one that is most effective, has the least risk and minimizes your expense with the overlying goal of using the smallest doses of the fewest medications with the least side-effects. In this relationship, Dr. Carter works closely with your counselor.


Note: Recent quality research showed that long-standing antidepressants should be tapered over a one-plus year period to avoid symptoms like depression.

“I was Dr. Carter‘s Medical Director at the Texas NeuroRehab Center and Texas Star Psychiatric Hospital for seven years. He is a good doc!”

William M Loving, MD
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology​